The FRN brings together experts from across the neuroscientific spectrum at one and the same research site. Organised in six labs and four independent research teams, about 250 tenured researchers, post-docs and PhD students coming from physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, biochemistry, medicine, and engineering, collaborate with each other and with well-renowned research institutes all over the world to tackle problems at the forefront of neuroscience.

6 Labs


Cognition and Action Group

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes/IRBA, UMR 8257,
Direction : Pierre-Paul Vidal

Animal : Eric Krejci

Human Sain : Regis Mollard

Biomedicale Chronique : Catherine de Waele

Biomedicale Aigûe : Frédéric Baud


Neurophotonics Laboratory

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, UMR 8250,
Direction : Valentina Emiliani

Wavefront-Engineering Microscopy : Valentina Emiliani

Holographic Microscopy : Gilles Tessier

Membrane Transport : Bruno Gasnier

Synaptic Trafficking : François Darchen


Neurophysiology & New Microscopies Laboratory

INSERM/Université Paris Descartes, UMR – S 1128,
Direction : Serge Charpak

From Sensory Processing to Functional Hyperaemia : Serge Charpak

Neuron-Glia Interactions : Etienne Audinat

Physiology of NG2 Cells : Maria Cecilia Angulo


Brain Physiology Lab

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes/Université Paris Diderot, UMR 8118,
Direction : Isabel Llano


Centre de Neurophysique, Physiologie et Pathologie

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, UMR 8119,
Direction : Claude Meunier


Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, UMR 8242,
Direction : Andrei Gorea

4 associated
and emerging teams


Glia-Glia and Glia-Neuron Interactions in Neurophysiopathology Group

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, FR3636,
Team leader: Cendra Agulhon


Mort Cellulaire Programmée et Signalisation

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, FR 3636,
Team leader: Jérôme Estaquier


IRIS : Physiopathologie de la Vision et Motricité Binoculaire

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, FR3636,
Team leader: Zoi Kapoula


Manual Dexterity in Health and Disease

CNRS/Université Paris Descartes, FR3636,
Team leader: Marc Maier

Scientific platforms

Researchers working at the FRN have at their disposal state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to investigate brain activity from the sub-cellular to the integrative (whole-animal/human) level. Regular workshops and seminars encourage a vivid scientific exchange between researchers, within our site and with guest researchers.

Service Commun de Microscopie

Plateforme de Sensorimotricité

Service commun de cytométrie en flux (FACS/tri Cellulaire)

Atelier Mécanique

Plateforme d’hébergement et d’élevage

Service Commun de Biochimie-Biologie Moléculaire (SCBBM)