Our Publications


Year 2008

  • Cell imaging by coherent backscattering microscopy using frequency-shifted optical feedback in a microchip laser.
    Hugon O, Paun IA, Ricard C, van der Sanden B, Lacot E, Jacquin O, Witomski A : Ultramicroscopy, 2008
  • In vivo staining of neocortical astrocytes via the cerebral microcirculation using sulforhodamine B.
    Vérant P, Ricard C, Serduc R, Vial JC, van der Sanden B : J Biomed Opt, 2008
  • Subtraction method for intravital two-photon microscopy: intraparenchymal imaging and quantification of extravasation in mouse brain cortex.
    Vérant P, Serduc R, van der Sanden B, Chantal R, Ricard C, Coles JA, Vial JC : J Biomed Opt, 2008
  • How the brain obeys Hering\\’s law: a TMS study of the posterior parietal cortex.
    Vernet M, Yang Q, Daunys G, Orssaud C, Eggert T, Kapoula Z : Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2008
  • Relationship of glenohumeral elevation and 3-dimensional scapular kinematics with disability in patients with shoulder disorders.
    Fayad F, Roby-Brami A, Gautheron V, Lefevre-Colau MM, Hanneton S, Fermanian J, Poiraudeau S, Revel M : J Rehabil Med, 2008
  • Rare express saccades in elderly fallers.
    Yang Q, Lê TT, Debay E, Orssaud C, Magnier G, Kapoula Z : Clin Interv Aging, 2008
  • Divergence influences triggering of both vertical and horizontal saccades.
    Vernet M, Yang Q, Daunys G, Orssaud C, Kapoula Z : Optom Vis Sci, 2008
  • Effects of ocular dominance on the vertical vergence induced by a 2-diopter vertical prism during standing.
    Matheron E, Yang Q, Lê TT, Kapoula Z : Neurosci Lett, 2008
  • Aging effects on the visually driven part of vergence movements.
    Yang Q, Le TT, Kapoula Z : Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2008
  • Neurophysiology of supraoptic neurons in C57/BL mice studied in three acute in vitro preparations.
    Sharif-Naeini R, Ciura S, Stachniak TJ, Trudel E, Bourque CW : Prog Brain Res, 2008
  • TRPV1 gene required for thermosensory transduction and anticipatory secretion from vasopressin neurons during hyperthermia.
    Sharif-Naeini R, Ciura S, Bourque CW : Neuron, 2008
  • Contribution of TRPV channels to osmosensory transduction, thirst, and vasopressin release.
    Sharif-Naeini R, Ciura S, Zhang Z, Bourque CW : Kidney Int, 2008
  • The representational space of numerical magnitude: illusions of length. (PDF)
    de Hevia MD, Girelli L, Bricolo E, Vallar G : Q J Exp Psychol (Hove), 2008
  • Visualizing numbers in the mind’s eye: the role of visuo-spatial processes in numerical abilities. (PDF)
    de Hevia MD, Vallar G, Girelli L : Neurosci Biobehav Rev, 2008
  • Saccade dynamics before, during and after saccadic adaptation in humans.
    Collins T, Semroud A, Orriols E, Doré-Mazars K : Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2008
  • Visual versus motor vector inversions in the antisaccade task: A behavioral investigation with saccadic adaptation.
    Collins Therese, Vergilino-Perez Dorine, Delisle Laura, Dore-Mazars Karine : Journal of Neurophysiology, 2008
  • Brain networks of spatial awareness: Evidence from diffusion tensor imaging tractography
    Urbanski M, de Schotten MT, Rodrigo S, Catani M, Oppenheim C, Touze E, Chokron S, Meder JF, Levy R, Dubois B, Bartolomeo P : Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, 2008
  • Spatial bias induced by a non-conflictual task reveals the nature of space perception (PDF)
    Dupierrix E, Alleysson D, Ohlmann T, Chokron S : Brain Research, 2008
  • Corrigendum to ’Spatial bias induced by a non-conflictual task reveals the nature of space perception’ (PDF)
    Dupierrix E, Alleysson D, Ohlmann T, Chokron S : Brain Research, 2008
  • Effects of peripheral and central visual impairment on mental imagery capacity (PDF)
    Dulin D, Hatwell Y, Pylyshyn Z, Chokron S : Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 2008
  • From blindsight to sight: Cognitive rehabilitation of visual field defects
    Chokron S, Perez C, Obadia M, Gaudry I, Laloum L, Gout O : Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, 2008
  • La negligence spatiale unilaterale: Trente ans de recherches, de decouvertes, d’espoirs et (surtout) de questions
    Chokron S, Bartolomeo P, Sieroff E : Revue Neurologique, 2008
  • Comment les nombres se répartissent dans l’espace: une intuition originelle logarithmique (PDF)
    Izard V, Pica P, Spelke ES, Dehaene S : Médecine Sciences, 2008
  • Reading Between the Number Lines; Response to Nunez (Correspondance) (PDF)
    Izard V, Dehaene S, Pica P, Spelke ES : Science, 2008
  • Are numbers special? An overview of chronometric, neuroimaging, developmental and comparative studies of magnitude representation (PDF)
    Cohen-Kadosh R, Lammertyn J, Izard V : Progress in Neurobiology, 2008
  • Verbal Numerosity Estimation Deficit in the Context of Spared Semantic Representation of Numbers: A Neuropsychological Study of a Patient with Frontal Lesions (PDF)
    Revkin S, Piazza M, Izard V, Zamarian L, Karner E, Delazer M : Neuropsychologia, 2008
  • Does subitizing reflect numerical estimation? (PDF)
    Revkin S, Piazza M, Izard V, Cohen L, Dehaene S : Psychological Science, 2008
  • Log or linear? Distinct intuitions of the number scale in Western and Amazonian cultures (PDF)
    Dehaene S, Izard V, Spelke ES, Pica P : Science, 2008
  • Exact Equality and Successor Function: Two Key Concepts on the Path towards understanding Exact Numbers (PDF)
    Izard V, Pica P, Spelke E, Dehaene S : Philosophical Psychology, 2008
  • Calibrating the number line (PDF)
    Izard V, Dehaene S : Cognition, 2008
  • Distinct cerebral pathways for object identity and number in 3-month-old infants (PDF)
    Izard V, Dehaene-Lambertz G, Dehaene S : PLOS Biology, 2008
  • The ’when’ parietal pathway explored by lesion studies. (PDF)
    Battelli L, Walsh V, Pascual-Leone A, Cavanagh P : Current Opinion in Neurobiol.ogy, 2008
  • Apparent speed increases at low luminance.
    Vaziri-Pashkam M, Cavanagh P : Journal of Vision, 2008
  • Action goal selection and motor planning can be dissociated by tool use
    Collins Therese, Schicke Tobias, Roder Brigitte : Cognition, 2008
  • The planning of a sequence of saccades in pro- and antisaccade tasks : Influence of visual integration time and concurrent motor processing
    Lavergne Louisa, Vergilino-Perez Dorine, Collins Therese, Orriols Eric, Dore-Mazars Karine : Brain Research, 2008
  • Bootstrapping word order in prelexical infants: A Japanese-Italian cross-linguistic study.
    Gervain Judit, Nespor Marina, Mazuka Reiko, Horie Ryota, Mehler Jacques : Cognitive Psychology, 2008
  • The neonate brain detects speech structure
    Gervain Judit, Macagno Francesco, Cogoi Silvia, PenA Marcela, Mehler Jacques : PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2008
  • How infant speech perception contributes to language acquisition.
    Gervain Judit, Werker Janet F : Language and Linguistics Compass, 2008
  • Domain-dependent activation during spatial and nonspatial auditory working memory (PDF)
    Rämä Pia : Cognitive Processing, 2008
  • Depth affects where we look
    Wexler M, Ouarti N : Current Biology, 2008
  • When they see, they see it almost right: Normal subjective experience of detected stimuli in spatial neglect
    Bonneh Y S, Sagi D, Gorea A, Soroker N, Treger J, Pavlovskaya M : Neuroscience Letters, 2008
  • Semantic but not phonological verbal fluency associated with BDNF Val66Met polymorphism in schizophrenia
    Kebir O, Mouaffak F, Chayet M, Leroy S, Tordjman S, Amado I, Krebs MO : American Journal of Medical Genetics B, Neuropsychiatry Genetics, 2008
  • Epilepsy in autism is associated with intellectual disability and gender: evidence from a meta-analysis
    Amiet C, Gourfinkel-An I, Bouzamondo A, Tordjman S, Baulac M, Lechat P, Mottron L, Cohen D : Biological Psychiatry, 2008
  • The role of the corpus callosum in the perception of reversible figures in children
    Fagard J, Sacco S, Yvenou C, Domellöf E, Kieffer V, Tordjman S, Moutard M-H, Mamassian P : Vision research, 2008
  • Reply to Johnson and Wright
    Philipona D, O’Regan J K : Visual Neuroscience, 2008
  • What is up? A reply to Bridgeman et al.
    O’Regan JK : Perception, 2008
  • Retinotopy of the face aftereffect. (PDF)
    Afraz S R, Cavanagh P : Vision Research, 2008
  • Unilateral field advantage for detecting repeated elements. (PDF)
    Butcher S, Cavanagh P : Perception & Psychophysics, 2008
  • Mobile computation : spatiotemporal intregration of the properties of objects in motion.
    Cavanagh P, Holcombe A O, Chou W : Journal of Vision, 2008
  • Independent, synchronous access to color and motion features. (PDF)
    Holcombe A O, Cavanagh P : Cognition, 2008
  • Processing of the Müller-Lyer illusion by a Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) (PDF)
    Pepperberg I M, Vicinay J, Cavanagh P : Perception, 2008
  • Rediscovering Development in Infancy
    Campos J, Witheringthon D, Anderson DI, Frankel CI, UchiyamaI, Barbu-Roth M : Child Development, 2008
  • Relationship between eye preference and binocular rivalry, and between eye-hand preference and reading ability in children
    Fagard J, Monzalvo-Lopez K, Mamassian P : Developmental Psychobiology, 2008
  • A Counterclockwise bias in running
    Toussaint Y, Fagard J : Neuroscience Letters, 2008
  • The nonlinear structure of motion perception during smooth eye movements
    Morvan C, Wexler M : Journal of Vision, 2008
  • Investigation of perceptual constancy in the temporal-envelope domain
    Ardoint M, Lorenzi C, Pressnitzer D, Gorea A : Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2008
  • A unified probabilistic model of the perception of three-dimensional structure from optic flow
    Colas F, Droulez J, Wexler M, Bessière P : Biological Cybernetics, 2008
  • Cross-talk of instructed and applied arbitrary visuomotor mappings (PDF)
    Waszak F, Wenke D, Brass M : Acta Psychologica, 2008
  • Does catatonia influence the phenomenology of childhood onset schizophrenia beyond motor symptoms?
    Bonnot O, Tanguy ML, Consoli A, Cornic F, Graindorge C, Laurent C, Tordjman S, Cohen D : Psychiatry Research, 2008
  • What are the factors responsible for the deviation in stepping on the spot?
    Toussaint Y, Do M-C, Fagard J : Neuroscience Letters, 2008
  • Locomotor experience affects the perception of self and emotional reactions
    Uchiyama I, Anderson DI, Campos JJ, Witherington D, Lejeune L, Frankel CB, Barbu-Roth M : Developmental Psychology, 2008
  • Development of inter-manual transfer of shape information in infancy.
    Streri A, Lemoine C, Devouche E : Developmental Psychobiology, 2008
  • Reunifying autism disorder and early-onset schizophrenia in terms of social communication disorders
    Tordjman S : Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2008
  • Observational versus trial and error effects in a model of an infant learning paradigm
    Hartley M, Fagard J, Esseily R, Taylor J : Artificial Neural Networks - Icann 2008, Pt Ii, 2008
  • Elaboration et validation des échelles SIB/OIB (SELF/OTHER INJURIOUS BEHAVIOR SCALES)(version Francaise : Les échelles des conduites auto- et hétéroagressives)
    Tordjman S, Cohen DJ, Haag G : Editions du Centre de Psychologie Appliquée, 2008
  • Reflections in art. (PDF)
    Cavanagh P, Chao J, Wang D : Spatial Vision, 2008
  • Visual short-term memory operates more efficiently on boundary features than on surface features (PDF)
    Alvarez G A, Cavanagh P : Perception & Psychophysics, 2008
  • Commentary On Mossio and Taraborelli: is the enactive approach really sensorimotor?
    Pascal F, O’Regan JK : Consciousness and Cognition: An International Journal, 2008
  • Differential processing of consonants and vowels in lexical access through reading (PDF)
    New B, Araujo V, Nazzi T : Psychological Science, 2008
  • Influence of visual contextual cues on haptic discrimination of orientations in 5-month-old infants.
    Kerzhero S, Gentaz E, Streri A : Brain Research, 2008
  • Segmentation précoce de la parole continue en mots : évaluation inter-linguistique de l’hypothèse d’initialisation rythmique (PDF)
    Nazzi T : L’Année Psychologique, 2008
  • A counter-clockwise bias when running.
    Toussaint Y, Fagard J : Neuroscience Letters, 2008
  • Discrimination of speech sounds by dyslexic children: Comparisons with chronological age and reading level controls. (PDF)
    Bogliotti C, Serniclaes W, Messaoud-Galusi S, Sprenger-Charolles L : Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2008
  • The limits of newborn’s grasping to detect texture in a cross-modal transfer task.
    Sann C, Streri A : Infant Behavior and Development, 2008
  • Inter-manual transfer of object texture and shape in human neonates.
    Sann Coralie, Streri Arlette : Neuropsychologia, 2008
  • Convergent flash localization near saccades without equivalent ’compression’ of perceptual separation
    Reeve P, Clark JJ, O’Regan JK : Journal of Vision, 2008
  • Substrate- and ubiquitin-dependent trafficking of the yeast siderophore transporter Sit1.
    Erpapazoglou Z, Froissard M, Nondier I, Lesuisse E, Haguenauer-Tsapis R, Belgareh-Touzé N : Traffic, 2008
  • Can attractor network models account for the statistics of firing during persistent activity in prefrontal cortex?
    Barbieri F, Brunel N : Front Neurosci, 2008
  • [Nepsilon-(gamma-glutamyl) lysine] as a potential biomarker in neurological diseases: new detection method and fragmentation pathways.
    Hoffner G, Hoppilliard Y, van der Rest G, Dansette P, Djian P, Ohanessian G : J Mass Spectrom, 2008
  • Misfolding of proteins with a polyglutamine expansion is facilitated by proteasomal chaperones.
    Rousseau E, Kojima R, Hoffner G, Djian P, Bertolotti A : J Biol Chem, 2008
  • Axonal GABAA receptors.
    Trigo FF, Marty A, Stell BM : Eur J Neurosci, 2008
  • Effects of Parkinson’s disease on proprioceptive control of posture and reaching while standing.
    Tagliabue M, Ferrigno G, Horak F : Neuroscience, 2008
  • Online learning with hidden markov models.
    Mongillo G, Deneve S : Neural Comput, 2008
  • Extending cable theory to heterogeneous dendrites.
    Meunier C, Lamotte d’Incamps B : Neural Comput, 2008
  • Inhibition of histamine-mediated signaling confers significant protection against severe malaria in mouse models of disease.
    Beghdadi W, Porcherie A, Schneider BS, Dubayle D, Peronet R, Huerre M, Watanabe T, Ohtsu H, Louis J, Mécheri S : J Exp Med, 2008
  • Identification of cis-acting elements involved in acetylcholinesterase RNA alternative splicing.
    Guerra M, Dobbertin A, Legay C : Mol Cell Neurosci, 2008
  • Late onset muscle plasticity in the whisker pad of enucleated rats.
    Toscano-Márquez B, Martínez-Martínez E, Manjarrez E, Martínez L, Mendoza-Torreblanca J, Gutiérrez-Ospina G : Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2008
  • GABA: a forgotten gliotransmitter.
    Angulo MC, Le Meur K, Kozlov AS, Charpak S, Audinat E : Prog Neurobiol, 2008
  • Status epilepticus induces a particular microglial activation state characterized by enhanced purinergic signaling.
    Avignone E, Ulmann L, Levavasseur F, Rassendren F, Audinat E : J Neurosci, 2008
  • Lysosomes are the major vesicular compartment undergoing Ca2+-regulated exocytosis from cortical astrocytes.
    Li D, Ropert N, Koulakoff A, Giaume C, Oheim M : J Neurosci, 2008
  • Synaptic theory of working memory.
    Mongillo G, Barak O, Tsodyks M : Science, 2008
  • Four excitatory postsynaptic ionotropic receptors coactivated at the motoneuron-Renshaw cell synapse.
    Lamotte d’Incamps B, Ascher P : J Neurosci, 2008
  • A fast mode of membrane fusion dependent on tight SNARE zippering
    Bretou M, Anne C, Darchen F : J Neurosci, 2008