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Perception, Action and Cognitive Development

  • La notion de magnitude à la naissance. Representing magnitudes at birth.
    de Hevia MD : Annales de la Fondation Fyssen, in press
  • Operational Momentum for Magnitude Ordering in Preschool Children and Adults
    Dunn H, Bernstein N, de Hevia MD, Macchi Cassia V, Bulf, H, McCrink K : Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, in press
  • Processing number and length in the parietal cortex: sharing resources, not a common code (PDF)
    Borghesani V, de Hevia MD, Viarouge A, Eger E, Piazza M : Cortex, in press
  • From Innate Spatial Biases to Enculturated Spatial Cognition: The Case of Spatial Associations in Number and Other Sequences (PDF)
    McCrink K, de Hevia MD : Frontiers in Psychology, 2018
  • At birth humans associate “few” with left and “many” with right (PDF)
    de Hevia MD, Veggiotti L, Streri A, Bonn C : Current Biology, 2017
  • Operational Momentum during ordering operations for Size and Number in 4-month-old Infants (PDF)
    Macchi Cassia VM, Bulf H, McCrink K, de Hevia MD : Journal of Numerical Cognition, 2017
  • Infants learn better from left to right: a directional bias in infants’ sequence learning (PDF)
    Bulf H, de Hevia MD, Gariboldi V, Macchi Cassia VM : Scientific Reports, 2017
  • The temporal dimensions in the first year of life (PDF)
    de Hevia MD, Lee Y, Streri A : Timing & Time Perception Reviews, 2017
  • Perceiving numerosity from birth (PDF)
    de Hevia MD, Castaldi E, Streri A, Eger E, Izard V : Behaviour Brain Sciences, 2017
  • Infants’ detection of increasing numerical order comes before detection of decreasing number. (PDF)
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  • Development and learning of saccadic eye movements in 7- to 42-month-old children.
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  • ). Effects of support surface and optic flow on step-like movements in pre-crawling and crawling infants
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  • Comparing magnitudes across dimensions: a univariate and multivariate approach (PDF)
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  • Core mathematical abilities in infants: Number and much more (PDF)
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  • Do Humans (Homo sapiens) and Fish (Pterophyllum scalare) Make Similar Numerosity Judgments?
    Miletto Petrazzini ME, Agrillo C, Izard V, Bisazza A : J Comp Psychol, 2016
  • Operational momentum and size ordering in preverbal infants. (PDF)
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  • Ratio abstraction over discrete magnitudes by newly hatched domestic chicks (Gallus gallus). (PDF)
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  • Number-space associations without language: Evidence from preverbal human infants and non-human animal species. (PDF)
    Rugani R, de Hevia MD : Psychon Bull Rev, 2016
  • Newborns’ Sensitivity to the Visual Aspects of Infant-Directed Speech: Evidence From Point-Line Displays of Talking Faces.
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  • What does it take for an infant to learn how to use a tool by observation?
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  • Developmental change in infants’ detection of visual faces that match auditory vowels (PDF)
    Streri A, Coulon M, Marie J, Yeung HH : Infancy, 2016
  • Small on the left, large on the right: Numbers orient preverbal infants’ visual attention onto space. (PDF)
    Bulf H, de Hevia MD, Macchi-Cassia V : Developmental Science, 2016
  • Saving energy with light? Experimental studies assessing the impact of colour temperature on thermal comfort
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  • Infant manual performance during reaching and grasping for objects moving in depth
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  • Treadmill Stimulation Improves Newborn Stepping
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  • Déficience visuelle chez le nourrisson: comparaison entre une atteinte visuelle d\\’origine cérébrale et une atteinte visuelle d\\’origine périphérique.
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  • Suprasegmental information affects processing of talking faces at birth
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  • Manual lateralization in infancy. (PDF)
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  • Crossmodal discrimination of 2 vs. 4 objects across touch and vision in 5-month-old infants.
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  • Commentary “An experimental study of gender and cultural differences in hue preference”
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  • Sensorimotor theory and enactivism
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  • Sensorimotor theory of consciousness
    Degenaar J, O’Regan JK : Scholarpedia, 2015
  • The Roles of Observation and Manipulation in Learning to Use a Tool
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  • When do infants understand that they can obtain a desired part of a composite object by grasping another part?
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  • What determines the relationship between color naming, unique hues, and sensory singularities: Illuminations, surfaces, or photoreceptors?
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  • Humor (production) may enhance observational learning of a new tool use action in 18-month-old infants
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  • Relative versus absolute numerical representation in fish: Can guppies represent "fourness"?
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  • Are numbers, size and brightness equally efficient in orienting visual attention? Evidence from an eye-tracking study. (PDF)
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  • Reading Angles in Maps
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